Unioncamere del Veneto - Eurosportello

A department of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region, Eurosportello Veneto is an information and assistance office providing services and helping the business community - especially SMEs based in Veneto (4,900,000 inhabitants and 560,000 SMEs) - to work better in the European Single Market and the world market. Consisting of three departments, our institution employs more than 60 people (Venice, Brussels).


ConCentro is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce Industry Craft and Agriculture as appointed by the Italian Act n. 580/1993. As public equivalent body, it is a no-profit organization, pursuing public interests. ConCentro acts on the Chamber of Commerce behalf: its main objective is supporting local and regional enterprises and providing any services aimed to territory promotion.

Province of Pesaro and Urbino

The Province of Pesaro and Urbino is a public administration which tasks is to manage and develop the territory, it seeks to use strategies for all types of social economic development which include, among others, international collaborative projects, agreements with Public and private organizations. The Province is engaged in looking for solutions which favour management policies coherent with the EU policies.

Friuli Innovazione Scarl

Friuli Innovazione is a Consortium Company with Limited Liability, set up by University of Udine in 1999 in order to foster interactions between the academic researchers and laboratories of the University of Udine and the operators from the economic and services sector of the FVG Region. Since 2005 it has been engaged in the management of the Science and Technology Park of Udine and the Techno Seed business incubator. The area is equipped for the settlement of research laboratories, mixed university-business laboratories, competence centres, industrial spin offs and start ups.

Regional Ekonomska Zajednica

REZ RDA was registered on 10th May 2004. Organizational structure consists of Assembly, Supervisory board, Management Team, Sectors. Assembly composition by structure is as follows: Municipalities 15, Canton 2, Business associations 15, Non-governmental sector 1, Financial sector 1. REZ RDA .Budget per year is cca 300.000 EUR. Internal structure is based on 3 sectors: Team for Regional Support, Team for Business Support, Finance and Admin.

Istarska Razvojna Agencija of Pola

IDA is an operational body entrusted with the implementation of development programmes of the Region of Istria. In IDA currently work 8 employers. In the latest project IDA constructed and equipped Research Centre for Metal. The establishment of the new Centre for technological and innovation centre will boost the cooperation between included clusters, sectors and finally regions included in the project. IDA is well equipped with all necessary equipment.  in 2005 IDA established the Pula-based entrepreneurship incubator "Challenge".