REZ RDA was registered on 10th May 2004. Organizational structure consists of Assembly, Supervisory board, Management Team, Sectors. Assembly composition by structure is as follows: Municipalities 15, Canton 2, Business associations 15, Non-governmental sector 1, Financial sector 1. REZ RDA .Budget per year is cca 300.000 EUR. Internal structure is based on 3 sectors: Team for Regional Support, Team for Business Support, Finance and Admin. Team.Strategic planning and strengthening capacity of local stakeholders, competitiveness of the SMEs and the region,  human resource development and employment and interregional cooperation are the main cluster activities that are the  areas of expertise. The programs , projects  and  commercial contracts are the main source of the operation. The tailor made services, synergy ,networking,  best practices and cooperation with institutions and experts in different fields are the main principles of work.

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