The BLUE TECH Adrion Cluster project aims to capitalize the results of three projects co-financed in the 2007-2013 IPA CBC programme (Cluster Club, ADRI Mob and Smart Inno), in order to share knowledge, good practices and relational networks to verify the feasibility of a macro-regional Cluster on green shipbuilding technologies. The project aims to strengthening the economy and social bodies in the Adriatic area, through innovation and increasing of competitiveness of the productive system, in fact, aims to improve the innovation’s possibility of territorial and productive system, through cooperation opportunities and market research.The project partners from Italy, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia well know the unbalance development of productive clusters and they are convinced that through this project of capitalisation could lead a better development of the whole Adriatic sea.The partnership intends to support the development of the green shipbuilding technologies in the sector of the Blue Growth through the promotion of clustering policies in this specific sector as a worldwide competitive advantage for the Adriatic and Ionian enterprises, fostering innovative technology solutions and incentivising networking activities for the development of common strategies and projects.In the specific, the consortium is composed by:

  • LP: Unioncamere Veneto (Italy)
  • ConCentro (Italy)
  • Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino (Italy)
  • Friuli Innovazione Scarl (Italy)
  • Regional Ekonomska Zajednica-REZ d.o.o. di Zenica (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • Istarska Razvojna Agencija di Pola (Croatia)

Associated partners:

  • Autonomus Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Marche Region;
  • Region of Istria

The main activity of the project, is developed in the Wok Package n. 3: Technical implementation – analysis of the development of a Cluster in the Adriatic – Ionian Area in the sector of the “Green Shipbuilding Technologies”The WP3 aimed to realize of the feasibility study on the development of a transnational Cluster in the Adriatic and Ionian areas in the sector of the green technologies with the following specific objectives:

  1. elaboration of a feasibility study for the development of Macro Regional Cluster in the Adiatic-Ionian area in the sector of the Blue Growth green technologies and new materials;
  2. development of an updated and upgraded information platform system about the specific strategies, programmes and initiatives at the EU, national and regional level that support the development of green shipbuilding technologies in the ADRION area;
  3. development of an updated and upgraded information platform system mapping clusters, research/technology centres and significant enterprises operating in the shipbuilding sector.